Join the family

What does it mean to be part
of the family?

It is not a club or denomination to join but is people joined by the Holy Spirit, in relationship with the apostolic ministries in the Movement, with the aim that together we can fulfil our calling more fruitfully, so local churches can grow to maturity in Christ and be involved in mission locally and globally. The churches and ministries committed to the family give and receive ministry and help - we are partners for the gospel and share resources of people, ideas and money.  This includes financial support of the Movement but is far wider as different churches undertake various mission initiatives.

Pastors and leaders of churches or ministries share in relational gatherings for worship, teaching and prayer.  These are ‘by invitation’ but include people who are not part of the family but are like minded and on a journey to discover whether they would like to be committed.  In addition one or more of the team members will build relationship with churches, particularly through personal contacts with the senior leaders and leadership team. Fuel the Fire events and an annual conference (when possible) are open to any who might be interested.  All Nations Leadership College is open to all but involves commitment to serving in practice and ‘ministry formation’ in small groups as well as learning theology.

How do we join the family?

There are four things we look for and encourage any church or ministry wishing to develop relationship with the All Nations Family to look for:
• are we pursuing God in prayer and sensing a joining in the Holy Spirit as we do so?
• are we in agreement around the vision and values?
• do we embrace the King Jesus’ Commission of contagious disciple making?
• are we beginning to align with the ‘expectations’ in the previous section?