What a significant time to be alive and to serve the purposes of God. There is a growing expectation for a genuine move of the Spirit. The Church is being awakened, prepared and aligned to partner with the Father. Revival is promised and will result in the largest in-gathering of harvest. If you are a church leader or leading a unity movement bringing local churches together, we would like to ask you to consider the possibility of a Fuel the Fire event in your area. 
We will only work in partnership with local churches. We recognise that local leaders have been praying and serving in the region for many years. Our aim is to come alongside and to serve, bringing what the Lord has blessed us with to help. Fuel the Fire brings together key leaders for a day of prayer and fasting for the region, followed by a daytime event open to any leaders in churches or charities, followed by an 'Firestarter' evening celebration open to all.

I will place on his shoulder the key to the house of David; what he opens no one can shut, and what he shuts no one can open.

We have been challenged and inspired by this passage from Isaiah 22:22. The keys indicate authority and the ability to open and close spiritual doors. We are keen to work with churches in “gateway” regions - cities and towns that act as gateways for people, perhaps naturally and certainly spiritually.

partnering with local churches

All Nations has run Fuel the Fire days in Wolverhampton for many years, as an opportunity for Christian leaders in churches, charities or other contexts, to meet one another in an atmosphere of worship and prayer and for relevant prophetic preaching or teaching. We are changing the pattern in 2022, to visit various regions where we have relationships and to work in partnership with local churches and unity groups. See below for which areas FTF is coming to this year.


Fuel the Fire events usually take place over two days. We start with a day of prayer and fasting for key leaders - typically a Thursday. Usually this is followed by a daytime leaders gathering. With a evening event 'Fire Starter’ for all believers in the region.

DAY 1 // 9AM - 5PM

A gathering of leaders invited by the regional partners (not advertised, except among friendship groups among pastors and leaders and any local unity groups).  Informal prayer led and facilitated by various leaders from the local area and All Nations.

We will conclude at 5pm with breaking bread and sharing a meal. We believe this foundation of prayer and unity, bringing together leaders of a number of churches, is essential.

DAY 2 // 9.15-4PM

The day normally consists of three sessions of worship, prayer, teaching and panel discussion with the first session starting at 10am. We are not afraid to linger in worship, scripture reading, prayer and ministry if that is how the Holy Spirit leads. We want to encourage the presence of God. Typical themes are: keys to revival, praying for revival, unity, the beauty of the Body of Christ, living in the fear of the Lord and ‘New Wineskins.’

We try hard to honour lunch break timings, so caterers can work well, and the end of the afternoon. But within this we also want to give plenty of time for fellowship, making new connections and refreshing existing relationships.

DAY 2 // 7PM

The evening event would usually start with worship. Prayer for the region (led by local leaders and All Nations team Preaching.

Followed by preaching and ministry led by Steve Uppal typical themes are:

- God is a consuming fire.
- He lives in His people and they are called to burn.
We want Fuel the Fire to make a difference in the spiritual atmosphere in a region and to serve the church of that region. So we are keen to work in partnership. The proposed outlines above and who is involved in each section are subject to discussion and together discerning the leading of the Holy Spirit. If you would like to take the conversation further please get in touch